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Andrew Brown

Hey there! My name is Andrew Brown. Welcome to my site!

Please click on my photo or here to enter, but ONLY if you are at least 21 years old

I am a Texas faggot who has only recently found the true thrill of exposing myself. I started posting pics of myself, fully nude and face visible about 9 months ago. I would always post under an "alias" and would delete after a few days. Then, a guy I met online had me send pics in poses that he directed and had me re-do to get the way he wanted. That was a real turn on and when I saw the gallery he put them in, I was hooked and began exposing myself regularly.

It was only a week ago (Dec 2020) that I started using my real name and only on a few pics on one site. The rush was amazing! I had remembered this site and took a look again. A few months ago, I said "hell no!" because it wanted my real name. Now, though, that has become the appeal. Many of my pics/exposures are still under my alias of "Pete Richards" but they will steadily be replaced.

So, here I am, Andrew Brown, exposed for all to see. If you happen to stop by and check out my page, feel free to contact me at, oldguyslut on kik, @faggottexas on twitter. And, if you happen to stop by, I'd love for you to take some pics and post them wherever you wish.

Thanks in advance for helping continue my journey to being Absolutely Exposed!!

And I am so proud of being part of TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed!